Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School Canvas

Hi Everyone - Today was our first day of school. Over the weekend I created some fun canvases for my boys to hold during their photo shoot. They are not big fans of getting photographed - you'd think they'd know better living with a Mom that's a scrapper.

I took some photos of the steps I took to create the canvases:

Step 1 : Paint canvases white

Step 2: Cut design from vinyl  weed out the background.
Add transfer tape to design (I use contact paper)

Step 3 : Apply vinyl to canvas.

Step 4 : Add another coat of white paint.

Step 5: Paint canvas - I matched their shoes/outfits for the day.

Step 6 : After it dries remove the vinyl to reveal the white behind it.

Here are my two handsome fellas posing with their signs.

Font is LePetitPerisien - It is part of a bundle from Hungry JPEG.

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