Sunday, November 29, 2009

Printing Journaling on a Diecut Shape

Someone on the Craft Edge Forum asked about journaling on a diecut shape and I suggesting running the diecut shape through the printer. I tried to put it into words but thought doing a visual tutorial would work better. Here are the steps:

STEP 1 - Cut the diecut shape on the Cricut.

STEP 2 - Create your type on your computer. In some programs you can even import an outline of the diecut shape so you can get the type to the right size.

STEP 3 - Printout the type and make sure it fits on the diecut shape.

STEP 4 - Positon the shape ontop of the printout. Tip: hold it up to a window or use a lightbox so you can see thru the diecut shape. Tape the diecut to the paper. I just one piece of tape to secure it.

STEP 5 - Run the paper back thru the printer and print the type again.

Final Product:
Hope that works for you!


  1. Well duh!! Why didn't I think of that...thanks for the tip!

  2. You are SOOOO SMART!!!! I would never have thought of that..LOL Thanks so much.. and keep those ideas coming.. The less I have to think for myself the less gray hairs I get..HAHAHA>>>

  3. Brilliant! I've wished so many times that I knew how to do this. Now...I do! Thanks!