Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Bride Journals

A few weeks back I shared a few Bride Journals - I finished the entire batch and we attended the bridal show last week. It was so much fun & an exciting day.

The brides visited our booth and I gave them these journals. In some cases I had a journal that matched their wedding colors. Seems like Black and White Weddings are in store in 2011 - I’ll know to make more for the next bridal show!

My friend and business partner Leslie got into our photo booth with David Tutera from the reality TV show My Fair Wedding. Needless to say she was so excited!

Thanks for stopping by! Amy


  1. Oh how great and I'm loving all the wedding journals..WOW!

  2. Thanks Cely - they were so incredibly fun to make and it was super cool to meet David Tutera!

  3. awesome Amy, so nice of you to give those to the brides

  4. These are amazing! What a nice gesture.

    Linda K.