Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Welding

Welcome to the second edition of Tip Tuesday. (woo-hoo 2 weeks in a row!) Here is a sneak peek at a journaling box I made for the upcoming Creative Charms Blog Hop Project. I combined/welded two SVGs for this.

Step 1
Import your SVG into SCAL. I used the scallop shape from Edisto Island Cards - Oak Manor Step Card - "label_top.svg" Make note of the X & Y Coordinates under the Properties box.

Step 2
Click on the image and copy & paste it. and drag it down so the middles overlap.

Step 3
Now you can just sorta eye ball this or you if you want to get exact make sure you have the second image selected and enter the same X coordinate as the first image you placed. This will line them up perfectly.

Step 4
Select both images and click on Weld under the Properties box.

Step 5
Click Preview to ensure it works!

Hope that helps if you are new to SCAL!


  1. Are you cutting with a Cricut E or another cutter? If it's a Cricut how come my scal2 doesn't look like yours:?/ ?!
    Excellent idea!

  2. I am using Scal 2 with an Expression -- wonder if it is because I am on a Mac?!?

  3. That is so cool, Amy! The resulting shape looks great.. you are so crafty and helpful. ~Mary