Friday, September 3, 2010

Harley Collage

And now for something completely different...I started out doing the baby name collages, moved on to the wedding invite collages and now I am expanding my horizons.

I created this collage for a dear friend & coworker of mine. She lost her husband in an accident last year and they are having a benefit bike run.

I created this Harley Collage using a 20 x 9 1inch deep shadowbox frame. (from Joanns) I cut the logo on the Cricut using SCAL along with the flames. I picked up two magnets and a key chain from my local Harley Shop to add in. I also cut apart a map and featured maps of Daytona & Sturgis (hope my husband does not miss those from his atlas :) )

It was fun creating something a bit different using the shadowbox. Hoping Michele has a successful bike run and hope this brings in lots of Auction bids!



  1. Wow, Amy! This is so cool! I love the background papers, and the maps in the collage are such a great, personalized touch! I can't imagine that she'll be anything but thrilled with this!! Wow! Wow! Wow!