Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sharing a Collage & Thanks!

Now that I am working full time I don’t have as much time to create SVGs, Craft or even post to my blog. Thanks for continuing to visit my blog. I just glanced at my followers and can’t even believe I am 1 away from 200! WOW!

One of the greatest compliments that makes my day is getting a photo from someone who said they were inspired by one of my creations. Check out this beautiful collage by Shelly. Please visit her blog to check out her wonderful creations!

Thanks again for visiting.


  1. You actually have 201 followers! :)

  2. I ALWAYS love the fonts that you choose! May I ask the name of this one? Your work is beautiful.

  3. Scrap Stitcher - that is actually a collage by Shelly but I do have that font name - I love that font.It is Wesbaden Swing Roman (on a Mac). Thanks for your comment! Amy

  4. Hi Amy, I've just found your blog (redirected from Shelly's) and seen your fabulous creations!
    Thanks for sharing.
    SamG :o)

  5. Hi Amy
    Looks like I might be 106 to follow your blog. Mmmmm love your work.