Monday, February 15, 2016

Tulip Box Card

Hello Everyone! If you follow along you saw the box card I created on my last post. 

I purchased the Springtime Box Card SVG KIt from SVG Cuts and have to say I'm officially hooked on box cards!
Here is a look at the box card in the envelope.

When you pull out the card it is flat and here's how it looks.

Now for the big reveal....It pops open and WOW a 3D card.
(Even my boys and husband were impressed by this

Here's a few more looks - looking down and the back. I used the pen tool to add a Birthday Message.


I switched up Mary at SVG Cut's card a bit. It was originally designed to have all the tulips at the same level.

I staggered them. Thought I'd share how I did it in the Silhouette Designer Edition Software.

STEP 1 - Open the SVG files for the 1st and 2nd set of tulips.

STEP 2 - Draw boxes to remove some of the stems - see red boxes highlighted below.

STEP 3 - Select Subtract under the Modify menu. It will delete the area you selected.

STEP 4 - Move the tulips and stems down to overlap the bottom strips.

STEP 5 - I outlined the images to show you how if you were to cut them now it would cut them separately.
Here is the tricky part....1) Select the bottom strips and hit ungroup. Select just the strip and the flowers/stems above it and select Weld.
(If you select the entire thing the numbers and fold marks would disappear) 

STEP 6 - If you select Cut Line Settings and select "Cut" this is how it should appear.
You are now ready to cut!

Hope you liked my box card and the tutorial. 
If you have any questions about the tutorial please leave me a comment or send me an email at

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