Saturday, November 19, 2016

Best Days PVPP Canvas

Hello All! I have a simple PVPP Canvas to share with you today. You may be thinking what the heck is PVPP? Well it stands for Paint - Vinyl - Paint - Peel.

First you flood Paint the canvas the color you want your letters. On mine I used a cream.


Next you add the Vinyl letters. (check out my previous tutorial here for details)
As an option you can then add another coat of the initial Paint color to seal the vinyl down. It ensures crisp letters. Let dry.


You then Paint your background color on the canvas. I used a blueish/gray mixture. I left some streaks in there since that was the look I was going for.


Last step - Once canvas dries, Peel off the vinyl with an Xacto Knife.

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Thanks for stopping by today!

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