Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gatefold Birthday Cards

Hello Everyone - It's my turn on the Miss Kate's Blog. I like to give handcrafted Birthday Cards throughout the year. I like to create a bunch at a time so I have them whenever I need them.

I use the Print and Cut method on my Cameo for the cards. I first select all the elements and open them in the Cameo Designer Edition software. I print this out and include the registration marks.

I then trace the elements and do an offset. (This is indicated with the red outline on the image below.) I place the paper on my mat, detect registration marks and then select the outline areas and indicate those to cut.

Here are my cards:
These are both gatefold cards and I'm sharing the outside and inside views.
The flat card is 10" wide x 7" high and each fold comes in 2.5" from the edges.

I used the following Miss Kate files:

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope this gives you some inspiration to get some Birthday Cards completed for 2017!

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