Friday, December 23, 2016

Miss Kate Christmas Signs

Are you ready for Christmas and have you had some time to craft?
I am ready and I did do some crafting this year. I am totally addicted to making these holiday signs.
I'm sharing these on the Miss Kate Blog Today!

I picked up the bases at Target in the Dollar Spot for $3. They are chargers. I have been seeing them all over Facebook in some of the groups I belong to since early November and every time I went to Target I checked for them with no luck. One day in mid December I went in and spotted them! I was so excited and bought a dozen of them.
I am so glad I did - I have been having so much fun creating these signs.

Here are my steps...
I select the Miss Kate file I want to use and add personalized copy

Cut 631 vinyl (not permanent type) on my Cameo

Weed out the areas I want to paint and transfer to board using contact paper. 

I then do a dry brush technique, sometimes 1 coat, other times 2, depending on the looking I'm going for. 

Let partially dry and peel off vinyl.
(If you wait until it completely dries it may bleed) 

That's it. I made these for a friend and my nieces. They all loved them!
Here are images of each design and I will list the Miss Kate file under each.
Birch Trees with Deer

'Tis the Season Phrase


Tis The Season Phrase

I also created this table runner for Christmas.

I cut the little bow on my cameo and stitched around it to secure it.

You can get the table runner free tutorial here on Julie Cefalu's blog.
It is really easy to follow along with great instructions and visuals!

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday!


  1. Wow! Your signs are awesome! I need to see if my Target has any of them.

    1. thanks Georgiana! Good luck on finding them 😀